Nadia Nakai Hints She Might Not Date Ever Again

Nadia Nakai Hints She Might Not Date Ever Again

Nadia Nakai Hints She Might Not Date Ever Again

Nadia Nakai Hints She Might Not Date Ever Again: South African rapper, Nadia Nakai gives up on love three months after the death of Kiernan AKA Forbes who happens to be her lover. Judging from the trial of events, Bragga is obviously a lover girl and she gave her heart out to the relationship with the late rapper AKA, who got shot and killed in Durban on the 10th of February 2023.

Nadia Nakai and her lover AKA have always shown each other love, even the parents of the late rapper are evidence of the blissful courtship they had. Her love life is not clear to the public because she’s a bit private about it. However, she dated one of the Major League DJz, Vic Mensa, before the late AKA.

The love affair she had with AKA might have taken a good turn as the two were already talking about being parents and other amazing plans. Love is a beautiful thing they say, but many people have had their fair share of heartbreaks, but Nadia Nakai believes that hers is a result of bad luck.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper has hinted that she will never date again, alluding to her bad luck with men. She wrote, “I’ve been so unlucky with love. I’m never doing it again”.

However, following the tragic event that caused the passing of AKA, Nadia Nakai is slowly accepting the loss of a lover, although it remains a challenging and difficult process. Bragga once said that she wishes she had never dated AKA in order to avoid the pain she is currently experiencing.

“Sometimes I wish I never experienced your love. I wish that you were just an acquaintance and I could say “Oh Supa Mega passed away, what a loss for the game”. If I didn’t love you, maybe it would be easier to continue my life without you. Now, because I had been loved by you, it’s just so hard. I have this hole in my heart that won’t let up. The world just doesn’t feel the same. I try to hold onto my memories of when I was happy before you, maybe if I remember how it was before, I could be like that again. But everything doesn’t feel real.

“I don’t know if seeing you every day on social media is better or worse, I don’t know if reading our messages is healing or not. I know I need to get out of my house soon, and I know the people that continue to hold me down, will be there for me, thank you, But I just feel like I’ll never be ready. What is my life going to look like now? time heals all, but time really takes its time, and I don’t know when I’ll ever be fine”. Wrote Nadia.

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