Nkukza SA Unveils ‘Israel’ Album Tracklist: A 16-Track Amapiano Extravaganza

Nkukza SA Unveils 'Israel' Album Tracklist

Nkukza SA Unveils ‘Israel’ Album Tracklist: A 16-Track Amapiano Extravaganza

Get ready for a seismic shift in the music industry as Nkukza SA, known by his real name Nkukza Israel Nkululeko, is set to unleash his highly anticipated debut album, “Israel.” A rising star in the Amapiano bass scene, Nkukza SA has already made a significant impact with his infectious productions.

Despite being a newcomer, Nkukza SA has proven himself as a formidable force in the Amapiano mainstream. Now, he’s gearing up for the release of his debut album, featuring a robust tracklist of 16 captivating songs. Collaborations with Djy Biza, Leroy SA, Jaylokas, Djy Ma’Ten, W4DE, and other emerging talents promise a diverse and compelling musical journey.

As we catch a glimpse of the album through enticing snippets, it’s evident that Nkukza SA is poised to dominate 2024 with his debut offering. The album’s title, “Israel,” holds personal significance, derived from his middle name given to him by his grandmother.

In Nkukza SA’s own words, “Guys, ISRAEL is not a sub-genre or whatever. It’s my third name given to me by my grandmother. That’s why I decided to name the album that way.”

Stay tuned for the release of “Israel,” an album that not only signifies a musical milestone but also pays homage to Nkukza SA’s roots. Don’t miss the Amapiano extravaganza that awaits in this groundbreaking debut.


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