Sho Madjozi Celebrating Herself As She Turns 31

Sho Madjozi Celebrating Herself As She Turns 31

Sho Madjozi Celebrating Herself As She Turns 31

Sho Madjozi Celebrating Herself As She Turns 31: Sho Madjozi shared her excitement as she turns 31 years old today. The singer informed her followers about her birthday on social media with stunning pictures from her childhood.
She celebrated herself as a star and which got her more birthday wishes. Sho Madjozi Likens Herself To Astronomical Stars As She Celebrates her 31st Birthday. Sho Madjozi is a person that has values for culture, in addition to her musical talent, she is a star. She has kept herself relevant in the rap culture mostly by keeping her identity, decorated with Tsonga culture.

In the spirit of her 31st birthday, the John Cena hitmaker reminisced on how special she has developed from a young girl to the mature woman she is now. Taking to Instagram, Sho Madjozi shared pictures of her childhood as she appreciates her journey to becoming a superstar.

Check out what she wrote “I was trying to Google how stars are born and of course, all the results were about astronomical stars and how they are born from collapsing clouds of gas and dust and a great many interactions of small and enormous particles fusing in ridiculous heat. And if you think of the millions of tiny and large events that collided to make it so that I was born who I was, where I was, and when I was, you can see that I had no choice but to become a star. Happy birthday to me.”


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Last year, She took her birthday celebration in her home village in Limpopo. The Huku singer hosted a star-studded concert that featured stars like Makhadzi, and Muney. This year we are not sure what her plans are exactly, whether she will celebrate her 31st with her fans or she will keep it private with family and close friends.

Following her music, Sho Madjozi dropped the “Chale” music video, which has almost 1 Million YouTube views, just 3 months after its release.

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