The EFF Has Pledged To Construct Recording Facilities

The EFF Has Pledged To Construct Recording Facilities For Recording Artists In Each And Every Municipality.

The EFF Has Pledged To Construct Recording Facilities

Strategy Proposed By The EFF

The plan of action that the political party has devised for the sport, arts, and cultural sector addresses issues that athletes, activists, and artists have been complaining about for a number of years.

Some of the things that the EFF wants to change in the music industry include the following: “The EFF government will deal decisively with payola and impose harsh sentences on those found to have participated in the act of paying bribes to radio DJs to play their music.” This is one of the points that falls under the category of things that the

EFF Wants To Address.

During the Metro FM Awards in 2017, the late Riky Rick brought attention to the issue of payola, which refers to the practice of musicians and record companies paying bribes to music producers, DJs, or music compliers at radio stations in order to get their music played on the sound system.

During that period, Riky referred to ninety percent of the music that was being played on the radio as “garbage.”

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An additional point that was included in the EFF’s manifesto said that by the year 2026, the government of the EFF will mandate that radio stations play a minimum of 85 percent African programming.

Among the various policies that the party intends to execute once it is in power, the EFF has stated that by the year 2026, its government will establish a state-owned music distribution and production corporation that will be non-profit.

What techniques may local musicians employ in order to create and disseminate their music? Additionally, this organization will offer legal assistance to artists in order to assist them in reclaiming ownership of their compositions from record labels.

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