Early Christmas Gifts are Sent to The Polokwane Home


Early Christmas Gifts are Sent to The Polokwane Home


Early Christmas Gifts are Sent to the Polokwane Home: An Early Christmas present was given to some orphaned children and children from poor families in the Limpopo town of Bloodriver, which is outside of Polokwane.

Government-Free Organization The kids had a Christmas party at Thy Rest and the Altar of Glory Church.


A walk was also held by the kids to call for an end to abuse against women.

The Christmas party was joyful. The day was full of fun things to do. The kids played on the bouncy castle. Even the adults were in the Christmas spirit.

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Nobza Javu, founder of Thy Rest, says, As part of our work to stop gender-based violence, we throw a Christmas party for the kids and give them gifts.

We also do a GBV walk with cards that say “No to GBV.” We’re having a good time, and our message is just to say no to abuse against women and children.

Nkanukeni Ramukhotheli, senior pastor at the Altar of Glory Church, thinks that all children should be looked for and kept safe, especially during the holidays.

“Due to the fact that this is a rural area, we saw that having a Christmas party with the little kids was fun. Some of the kids don’t get to enjoy this kind of time at home.”

Selda Lekutu and Phenyo Ndlovu were two of the kids who said thank you.

I am pleased because I am playing a lot and the present I got today makes me happy. I will never forget this day. I’m thankful for what the preacher did because our parents can’t afford to do these things at home. They need to keep it up and keep doing these things for us.

During the party, the kids also asked for an end to abuse against women.

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