Unathi Msengana Biography, Husband, Kids and Age

Unathi Msengana

Unathi Msengana Biography, Husband, Kids and Age

Just how much do you know about Unathi Msengana, the famous South African singer, actress, and radio host? Msengana, who is also known as Nkayi, is a face that a lot of people want to see on big screens because of how skilled she is.

She hosts shows on the popular youth station YFM and the drivetime show on Metro FM. But even though Unathi Msengana has had a lot of success in the showbiz business, she has also had some hard times in her life.

But how did she rise to greatness in her career?

You could ask. Because you’re reading this, you’ll find out the answer to that question and more about this Idols SA judge.

One of the most famous women in South Africa is Unathi Msengana, who is a judge on South African Idols. Since she was the first African to voice a character on the show Don McStuffins, she has received many awards and been recognized on many occasions.

As you read this piece, you will learn about her age, her marriage, her childhood, and the hard things she has been through.


She was born in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa. For her secondary schooling, she went to Victoria Girls High School. After that, she got into the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands to study International Media Studies. After that, she went to Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, to study journalism and drama.

Most TV viewers knew her as Rowan Cloete’s co-host on season three of the reality show Popstars in 2004. That was when she started her professional job.

She was a judge on the M-Net reality show Idols in 2011 when Mara Louw got sick and had to step in. Since then, Unathi Msengana has been on the popular show more than five times and played the same part each time.

When she went to the auditions for the music show “Castle Loud” on SABC 1, she got the job and became one of the directors on the show because of her background in journalism.

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When Unathi Msengana was asked to play Rita the Cheetah in the “Doc McStuffins” series, her acting skills were noticed all over the world. Disney’s hit show Doc McStuffins is both fun and educational. At that point, she had been cast as Rita the Cheetah in an episode of No Sweetah Cheetah.

Unathi has won a lot of awards, including the MTN Media Awards for the Most Promising Woman in Media 2005, which were put on by Media Magazine. She has done this by working hard and using all of her skills. In 2003, she also won the Metro FM Music Awards for Best Dressed Artist and Song of the Year. Then, the Star Newspaper said that she was one of the ten most important people in the media in 2004 and 2005.

She won the Glamour Woman of the Year award at the 2014 Media Star. She was recently named South Africa’s Best Female at the Metro FM Music Awards.

Husband of Unathi Msengana It was a beautiful wedding on September 19, 2009, when Unathi Msengana married DJ Thomas Msengana, better known as Bad Boy T. But when the news spread everywhere in 2017 that Unathi Msengana and her husband were no longer together, it came as a surprise to many, especially fans of the couple.

In an interview with eNews Channel Africa (eNCA), which was covered by The Citizen, she was asked if she and her husband were still together, and she said, “No, we are not.” She said that she told them straight out that they needed to be happy because they are a family.

An interview with City Press, she also had to talk about how painful the split was for her. She said that the choice to split up with her best friend, even though they were married, didn’t happen quickly but over the course of years.

She also said that the hard times she went through after the breakup were the inspiration for her most recent record, “Brave, True, and Strong.” She finally decided that she picked the title because the past few years had been both wonderful and hard for her.

In spite of all of this, she wrote on her 40th birthday Instagram post, in part, “I am the mother of Sinako and Imbo Msengana, who were also conceived in love with the man who remains the love of my life.”

Age of Unathi Msengana Unathi Msengana was born on November 6, 1978, which means she is 40 years old. She made the most of her 40th birthday by going on vacation with some of her best friends.

The kids of Unathi Msengana Before the split, SA judge Unathi Msengana and her husband were happy together and had a son and a daughter. Imbo is the name of Unathi Msengana’s daughter. Sinako is the name of her son. She called her daughter her best friend in an Instagram post on May 31, 2018, where she was wishing her a happy birthday. This makes it clear that she loves her daughter very much.

One of the things that makes Unathi Msengana stand out is how she managed to become famous, given her humble beginnings and the problems she had in her marriage. But her story is like a double-edged sword: it both challenges and inspires people to appreciate every step they take.

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