Lady Du Takes a Holiday With Her Staff to Durban.

When God blesses you, bless other people

Lady Du is a businessman and Amapiano singer who just returned from vacation with her salon staff.

Last year, the singer opened Cult Wawa La Beauty. She said she built it from scratch over eight months.

The singer of “Wawa” said she wanted to thank her team for working so hard over the holidays in December.

She also said, “When God blesses you, bless other people.” Man, I have the best staff ever. This is what they deserve.

Lady Du said on Instagram that she will be there for the people who are there for her this year. She posted pictures of her team.

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It was a vacation for me and my team in Durban. We forgot we had phones because we were with each other so much. I didn’t know that we would heal each other. I forgot about everything and felt a different kind of love for the first time in months. I also asked my siblings to come, she said.

She also said that the trip made her feel sad because it made her realize how lucky she was.

She said that the Wawa La Beauty shop had grown a lot in the three months since it opened.

The whole trip made me cry, but I’m thankful for such a strong team. Thank you to everyone who helps our business. I now have a new family. The people who work there are also having their lives changed by you.

This year I’m going to show up for the people who helped me last year. We’ve only been open for three months, but I can already take my whole staff on vacation!!!

Think about what we’ll be doing in a year. Business owners, know what your employees go through to help you reach your goals, Lady Du said.

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